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You had us at hello…

Well hello there! And welcome to our journey. It has been a few months now since we decided to take our passion to the streets and share with all of you. So here we go… some background on why the girls behind Deserted Attic Vintage Rentals brought this concept to life.

There is no question about it, we love vintage. We love antiques and we absolutely love the thrill of the find. Ever go hunting? How about picking? What could be more exciting than a salvage yard full of old doors and dozens upon dozens of windows? Or an old barn full of hidden treasures? One word… Bouckville. One find leads to the next, then the next and then the next! And soon enough, when you just don’t have the space in your home, not even one more inch to fit that perfect discovered piece…. you pause and say to yourself, but I just have to have it. The ceiling could work, right? The kicker is, you probably don’t even know what you’ll use it for. But that doesn’t matter, because the power of persuasion, the devil on your shoulder and the green in your wallet says ‘GO FOR IT’ and the husband next to you says… ‘You better not pay full price!’ It’s all about the thrill, the creativity and the fact that you just discovered a treasure that tells a story. It’s all too familiar for us. Some people say junk, we say opportunity!

We’ve been friends for many years and with many years come many memories. In fact so many memories, that we’re confident it would take that same length of time to document it all. From meeting for the first time more than 10 years ago, to moving to Syracuse, to buying homes, getting married, loving our dogs, taking trips together and enjoying the precious moments of everyday life, we’ve been by each other’s side through it all. And so the birth of Deserted Attic was born. Deserted Attic became our opportunity to justify buying that extra piece, feeling confident that cobwebs and dust can be easily wiped off and that the more rust, the better. It’s our way of pursuing our passion for unusual pieces and quirky finds and feeling 100% completely confident about it.

Nothing would make us happier than to share our passion for vintage flair than with everyone else. We’re changing the way people feel about vintage, one treasure at a time. We can’t wait to show how far we’ve come in future posts, talk about our triumphs, our fears and our visions for our pieces, but for now we will leave you with some of highlights of our favorite moments with some of our favorite finds. Our beautiful photos, courtesy of Genevieve Fridley Photography.

Get inspired, go vintage!

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