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Our hearts skipped a beat when we saw a feature sneak peek from the fabulous Mabyn Ludke! More to come, but for now check out this Vintage Inspired Picnic, complete with our authentic 1960’s plaid gear and baskets. So dreamy!


Meet our Tall Boy…

Part of the reason why we love this business so much is because it keeps us on our toes. We’re always on the hunt looking for the next best lovely, the piece that just needs some TLC or perhaps a new home with some friends. Our hearts skip a beat every time we find a piece that needs us to go the extra mile. Sander, paint stripper, perhaps some varnish, classy hardware. Whatever the case may be, there is always an opportunity.

Check out later blog posts to see how we bring this fabulous tall boy dresser back to life.  Picture this statuesque beauty with a drawer full of overflowing flowers, scarves or perhaps some comfy sandals for guests. How about a cake or candy display? The possibilities are endless!!



Anything goes when it comes to Bouckville. ANYTHING. If you can think it, you can probably find it, not once, not twice, but dozens of times over and over. It is possibly one of the best opportunities that the year has to present when it comes to building inventory. And trust us, we weren’t disappointed. We had a mission, wished our wallets luck and went pickin’!

For those of you have never been to Bouckville, shame on you. For those of you who have been to Bouckville, congratulations, you survived. We entered the gates of antique heaven and got right down to business. Large green shutters immediately caught our attention, we had to have them. We continued the stroll…. or should we say prowl. From re-purposed tin ceiling tiles to stained glass windows, the amount of inventory was impressive. And talk about quirky! Where else could one find bronze plated life-sized tigers!!

A pizza frite and several hours of walking later, we successfully completed our trip with a vintage set of ice cream parlor soda chairs, original Virginia Peanuts potato sacks and, the icing on our cake, an oh so shabby chic L House Beverage’s drink cooler…. This mint green beauty is guaranteed to be a show stopper! Can’t wait for our pieces to get photographed. In the mean time, here are some photos of what a fraction of a fraction of a fraction! of what Bouckville looks like.


We’re sooooooooooooo excited to share this, but its going to be a just a few more weeks! The most heartfelt thank you to the super talented photographer, Genevieve Fridley, Katie Lemos Brown, from Lovewell Celebration Design for transforming this party into something words could not describe, Whistlestop Florist for creating the most luscious floral arrangements that were simply to die for and La Dolce Vita Bakeshop for dressing this party with the most delicious confections!

Genevieve recently shared a quick link to some sneak peeks on her Facebook page. Ah, soooo exciting!!!!

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Name, check. Inventory, check – but let’s get more… who doesn’t love a shopping trip? Website…. wow, that was a long check, who knew there were dozens of providers and five times as many differences between them. Consult with an accountant, check. County Clerk’s Office, check. Facebook, check. Consult with an accountant again, check. Blog (Finally!), check. Connect with local professionals, share concept and hope they like you, check, check and check!!!

Fast forward from last March, we are so proud of our accomplishments. Nothing is more satisfying than meeting with new people, sharing your concept and hearing their encouragement. We have gained the support from so many talented vendors, it’s quite a humbling experience. And the best part about all of this is, we get to do what we love!!! So in the near future, lots more to work on. Logo and branding, business cards, inventory and lots more connecting.

We continue to build our inventory and every day we are on the hunt. After all, you never know when that “find” is upon you. So without further adieu, here’s a snap shot of our most favorite finds.

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