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Holiday Nostalgia

The holiday season is absolutely the best.  What we love most is the gathering together of the people who mean the most.  Of course when that happens we throw ourselves into party preparation mode and that’s when it really becomes fun.  Sometimes you don’t have to go far to find the the best inspiration.

Erica here…in my case it’s my parents’ Cape Cod on the hill.  Last week I traveled to my small Central New York hometown to spend Thanksgiving with my extended family.  Whenever I walk through my parents’ home I am inspired all over again and am reminded where my love for antiques was born (quite literally).  Their home is filled with countless vintage treasures like old ink wells and feather pens, glass bottles, copper boilers, an antique sewing machine and a roll top desk.  They have vintage lunch boxes and china cabinets and porcelain jugs just to add a few.  Virtually every corner and surface is home to another wonderful piece.

I love to hear my parents tell of their weekend trips to Madison-Boukville to treasure hunt “before us kids came along,” and I guess it’s true the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because here we are today.  During these holidays I am thankful for my family and the love of vintage they imparted on me.


Up Close and Personal with our Tall Boy!

A few months ago (oh my god, its been that long!) we discovered this strapping tall boy. He was painted pale green in certain spots, had dark, rough edges and was in desperate need of a makeover. We removed the hardware, stripped the paint and started sanding away.

His top was separating in certain areas, so with some super strong wood glue (Gorilla Glue), we spread a thin layer around the edges and clamped the top down to let dry over night. The face of the second drawer was also rather weak. Thankfully for some beautiful tongue and groove craftmanship, we easily secured the drawer with a tiny amount of Gorilla Glue around the edges and also let dry. The glue is amazingly strong and OH SO STICKY!

Using a powersander and 120 grit sandpaper, we started to smooth away the edges. We sanded the piece down to expose as much natural grain as possible, leaving a soft, even layer.

No more sad green paint!

Next, the stain, ah! We choice Minwax wood finish, special walnut. It kept the piece’s original natural beauty and really brought out that tiger grain. Make sure you wear gloves! We used heavy-duty towel cloths to spread the stain. Make sure you leave an appropriate amount of time for the piece to dry. Remember, you can always go darker with additional coats, so start off lighter and work your way up. We definitely recommend at least a day or two between coats.

Well, two coats of stain later and the original hardware replaced, we have our very own new (old) tall boy brought back to life. And what is even more exciting is that he is making his debut at the The Events Company where he will be staged as a guest book area. Love Love Love!

Picture our tall boy in a dessert display, a bar area or a conversational lounge piece. He could be the perfect addition to the end of a ceremony aisle where your programs await. He’ll look even more handsome with some fresh flowers overflowing from either drawer!


Harvest Inspiration

It’s almost Thanksgiving, imagine that! There’s no question about it, Thanksgiving is perhaps one of our most favorite times during the year. It has that natural rustic feel that we love so much, not to mention a comfortable, yet elegant tone. It truly has our heart and soul written all over it. The colors, the warmth, the food… ahh, the food. We can taste it already!

So you can only imagine that when the opportunity for us to team up with Katie Lemos Brown, celebration consultant and author of The Lovewell Post and Mabyn Ludke Photography arose to style a harvest-inspired dining experience at Cazenovia’s very own Lincklaen House, our hearts skipped a beat, perhaps a few thousand beats… And we quickly hopped right on!

What could be more luscious than a red dining room paired with our delicate but stylish china adorned with gold trim, a wingback chair perfect for a king and candlelight, lots and lots of candlelight. Well, the results are in, and they’re breathtaking.

What is even MORE EXCITING is that this shoot was recently featured on The Sweetest Occasion!!!! Check out the full post HERE. In addition, visit The Lovewell Post for more DIY inspiration including yummy recipes and chair decor for your very own holiday gathering.

To rent this look, please inquire about our China collection, Rose Wingback Chair, Factory Rack and Lantern collection.

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Delicate Finds

Planning a vintage inspired wedding or a tea party bridal or baby shower? Wondering how you are ever going to manage serving your entire family turkey dinner with just the few plates that you have? Not to worry, we are here to help. Create an unforgettable table scape with our stunning china and serveware. Don’t fret, this won’t be your grandmother’s party. Trust us, vintage china and silver are timeless classics that lend a superior amount of personality and warmth.

So you can only imagine that once we spotted this lovely set… we knew we had to have it. Delicately hand painted pink roses adorned by gold trim, a perfectly subtle design for such an impactful set of service. And our silver…. simply stunning! Don’t you think??

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