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Showcase @ The Events Company

We recently hooked up with The Events Company located right here in Syracuse, NY.  When Nicole and company invited us to bring some of our favorite things to play, we just couldn’t resist.  We set up a lovely sweetheart tablescape with our chippy paint farm table and china and dressed it up with some cork-filled mason jars.  We also set up our tall boy, which we love to use as a place for signing the guest book at any special event.  Paired with shutters for table cards, we think it makes the perfect welcome area.  Topped off with some books, scrabble letters and suitcases to complete the rustic, vintage look, we think it’s perfect.

The showroom at The Events Company is filled with beautiful displays and we love being a part of it.  Come check us out along with Nicole’s other great exhibits at 230 Harrison Street, Syracuse, NY. Keep in mind that we will be changing out our items every few weeks if you need an excuse to keep going back!

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Up Close and Personal with our Tall Boy!

A few months ago (oh my god, its been that long!) we discovered this strapping tall boy. He was painted pale green in certain spots, had dark, rough edges and was in desperate need of a makeover. We removed the hardware, stripped the paint and started sanding away.

His top was separating in certain areas, so with some super strong wood glue (Gorilla Glue), we spread a thin layer around the edges and clamped the top down to let dry over night. The face of the second drawer was also rather weak. Thankfully for some beautiful tongue and groove craftmanship, we easily secured the drawer with a tiny amount of Gorilla Glue around the edges and also let dry. The glue is amazingly strong and OH SO STICKY!

Using a powersander and 120 grit sandpaper, we started to smooth away the edges. We sanded the piece down to expose as much natural grain as possible, leaving a soft, even layer.

No more sad green paint!

Next, the stain, ah! We choice Minwax wood finish, special walnut. It kept the piece’s original natural beauty and really brought out that tiger grain. Make sure you wear gloves! We used heavy-duty towel cloths to spread the stain. Make sure you leave an appropriate amount of time for the piece to dry. Remember, you can always go darker with additional coats, so start off lighter and work your way up. We definitely recommend at least a day or two between coats.

Well, two coats of stain later and the original hardware replaced, we have our very own new (old) tall boy brought back to life. And what is even more exciting is that he is making his debut at the The Events Company where he will be staged as a guest book area. Love Love Love!

Picture our tall boy in a dessert display, a bar area or a conversational lounge piece. He could be the perfect addition to the end of a ceremony aisle where your programs await. He’ll look even more handsome with some fresh flowers overflowing from either drawer!


Meet our Tall Boy…

Part of the reason why we love this business so much is because it keeps us on our toes. We’re always on the hunt looking for the next best lovely, the piece that just needs some TLC or perhaps a new home with some friends. Our hearts skip a beat every time we find a piece that needs us to go the extra mile. Sander, paint stripper, perhaps some varnish, classy hardware. Whatever the case may be, there is always an opportunity.

Check out later blog posts to see how we bring this fabulous tall boy dresser back to life.  Picture this statuesque beauty with a drawer full of overflowing flowers, scarves or perhaps some comfy sandals for guests. How about a cake or candy display? The possibilities are endless!!



Name, check. Inventory, check – but let’s get more… who doesn’t love a shopping trip? Website…. wow, that was a long check, who knew there were dozens of providers and five times as many differences between them. Consult with an accountant, check. County Clerk’s Office, check. Facebook, check. Consult with an accountant again, check. Blog (Finally!), check. Connect with local professionals, share concept and hope they like you, check, check and check!!!

Fast forward from last March, we are so proud of our accomplishments. Nothing is more satisfying than meeting with new people, sharing your concept and hearing their encouragement. We have gained the support from so many talented vendors, it’s quite a humbling experience. And the best part about all of this is, we get to do what we love!!! So in the near future, lots more to work on. Logo and branding, business cards, inventory and lots more connecting.

We continue to build our inventory and every day we are on the hunt. After all, you never know when that “find” is upon you. So without further adieu, here’s a snap shot of our most favorite finds.

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